SEO (search engine optimization)  means optimizing your website to achieve the highest possible result on the page in  search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo. At First Page Northwest we understand that your website is a key driver to the success of your business, and that you want your website to appear on the first page for the search terms that are most relevant to your business.  Even if you already have a beautiful website, it doesn't matter much if nobody can find it. An analogy we have always used, is to look at your website like it is a billboard. You can build the most attractive billboard with a perfect message - but if you put in out in a field miles away from a road where nobody can see it, what good is it to you?

We can either build you a new website that is fully optimized for SEO, or go into your existing website and optimize it. We specialize in optimizing WordPress websites. If your website is not built on the WordPress platform, we can evaluate your website to determine whether we can properly optimize it.

SEO encompasses many, many different facets that are missing from the majority of websites on the internet. Much attention is paid to the aesthetics of a website, but we go in and do all of the tedious, time consuming, necessary work for that the search engines are looking for. This is an industry and a world all it's own, and it is constantly changing. Our job is to make sure that your website meets all of the standards that Google and other search engines are looking for, and to keep your site up to date with all of the  changes that search engines are constantly coming up with.

SEO is not an immediate fix to get your site on the first page. After a site has been fully optimized, it can take several months for your site to move up in the organic rankings of search engines. If you are wanting immediate results in addition to the long term orgranic results, you will want to implement a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) program as well.

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